“Easy recipes for every kind of day” project work based on Full Blast

проект_250х190We thank School №11 Ternopil for sharing with us project work based on Full Blast 1. MM Publications wishes Illia Honta the best luck in learning English and inspiration for new innovative projects.
Illia, who has been cooking with his mom since age 7, designed the cookbook with his Favorite Family Recipes.Its pages are aromatic,fragrant and “tasty” in some way.
This book is a way for parents to teach kids to cook, while they have yummy and sufficient meals. It is also a funway to help others in a time of quarantine.
Illia is happy to present his project in this video 

Alla Viktorivna Bryn, the head teacher of the school shares her view on this project.

“As a teacher, I’m working hard to capture the attention of students and to make every lesson unforgettable and exciting. It’s getting hard at the age of smartphones and social media. The biggest concern is to engage students and make them want to explore new concepts. I‘d like to share Project Based Learning in Action.

P1150091-1 Projects based on Multisensory Approach allow for a high level of personal involvement, which enhances students’ motivation for language learning. It’s a way of implementing present-day teaching methods, changing the format of communication between students, parents and teachers, introducing project-based work and learning through action. Through VAKOG my teens experience the world through their five senses. Taking projects home can help strengthen connections between home and school and make students and their parents feel positive about learning.
Full Blast 1 helps students become more involved in the process of learning.
The theme «Food» has motivated us spending time in quarantine by cooking up and …learning. Why not? Quarantine is the great time to let your teens’ creativity flow. Let them try their hands at cooking, create a meal from scratch and start a new project.
Sharing culinary skills and spending time in the kitchen with parents have been transformed into a cookbook project co-written by the whole family. Learn and Enjoy!”

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