Вебінар: ‘Can Learning Reading be Fun and Effective? Definitely Yes!’

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Запрошуємо вас прослухати вебінар від видавництва ММ Publications та компанії Лінгвіст!
Тема: ‘Can Learning Reading be Fun and Effective? Definitely Yes!’
Коли: 18 грудня (16:00-17:00)
Спікер: Анна Гезь – методист-консультант видавництва MM Publications в Україні

A, B, C, D… says a child and here comes the best time to start learning reading. All words are made up of sounds. Students have to link the sounds to the alphabetical symbols and then blend them to form words. In this way, young learners are helped to develop not only reading, writing and spelling skills, but also listening and speaking at the same time. During this webinar, we will look at different kinds of tasks that will help students to start their fantastic journey into the world of letters that make sounds.


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