Вебінар “From words to sentences” від видавництва MM Publications

ММ_250х190_From words to sentences_2Оголошуємо реєстрацію на наступний вебінар від MM Publications

Коли: 23 грудня 2019
Час: 16.00-17.00
Тема: From words to sentences
Спікер: Анна Гезь, методист видавництва MM Publications


Are young learners motivated to learn to write in English? Do your students find handwriting activities boring? In the age of technology, when students are surrounded by lots of gargets, it has become more difficult to teach students how to form letters and put these letters into words. During the webinar, we will share with you some practical ideas to help your students develop their handwriting and writing skills, have fun with copying activities and add variety to your lessons.

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