Всеукраїнський вебінар “The power of revision”

250х190_14_02_20 13 липня (1)Всеукраїнський вебінар “The power of revision”

Коли: 13 липня 2020
Час: 16.00-17.00
Тема: “The power of revision”
Спікер: Анна Гезь, MM Publications ELT Consultant in Ukraine


Dear colleagues,

We invite you to join our webinar session in the middle of July. This webinar is dedicated to the topic of revision, we will discuss the benefits of revision, how to promote learner autonomy and help students plan their learning over time span by setting realistic learning goals. We will also share with you some ideas for revision lessons.

There will be a book raffle at the end of the webinar as a pleasant bonus for you.

Join us soon.